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Here is a basic back story of the game for any of our readers who are unfamiliar with the game. The Pokemon Snap ROM places you in the character of Todd, who is a photographer. As this character, Professor Oak has asked you to take photographs of each of the Pokemon creatures in their natural surroundings. You aren’t just capturing Pokemon throughout your journey, but you will be capturing beautiful pictures of these Pokemon for you to admire and share. And, a special feature of this game lets you share these pictures in a unique way.

If you look back to 1999, many Pokemon fans were looking towards Nintendo to create a new 3D Nintendo 64 game. Even though many players were satisfied with the Game Boy edition of their game, there was a want for a new version where you could capture your Pokemon in 3D on film. Nintendo listened to the wants of these Pokemon fans, and created the Pokemon Snap ROM to satisfy the desire of their players.

The Pokemon Snap ROM was designed with the On-rails Photography Simulator, so you won’t need to race through the town in order to capture photographs of Pokemon. Of course, you will have the ability to snap photos of Pikachu’s standing still in one spot. But, as an added bonus, Professor Oak will hand out different gadgets to you that will let you photograph even more interesting shots, creating beautiful scenarios, racking up higher scores and capturing legendary Pokemon throughout the region.

There are strange things that happen throughout this version of the Pokemon game. Professor Oak, who is known as one of the best scientific minds throughout the Pokemon world, and is also known as someone who cares so much about Pokemon, makes strange statements and requests of you and your photographs. 

pokemon snap rom download

Professor Oak tells you that, yes, you are able to take simple and straightforward pictures of a standing Pikachu on a surf board, but you can also force an electrode to kill himself. This suggestion to make a creature commit suicide from the Professor is a very odd one, because the Professor is someone who claims to care so deeply for these creatures. 

One great feature of the Pokemon Snap ROM game that no other Pokemon game has is the ability to print hard copies of the beautiful photographs you take throughout the game. In 1999, Nintendo along with Blockbuster, created a machine that allows you to bring your Pokemon cartridge there to print copies of all the pictures you took. These printouts are created as stickers. This feature of the game lets you bring your digital version of your photos to life, printing them out for you to keep and show off.

Although this game wasn’t exactly the adventure filled game that many Pokemon fans were hungry for, the fun style of the game and unique features of it are great to play with. It’s a completely different way to experience the Pokemon game, with a totally different way of ‘capturing’ creatures. Find, photograph and print out the images you take of these creatures in their natural habitats.