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We are pleased to release our download our newest Pokemon Crystal Rompokemon crystal rom download download to our dedicated readers! As usual the zip file contains both the game rom along with the emulator required to play it as some of our readers are first time downloaders and may not have a working emulator yet.

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You can get the Pokemon Crystal Rom download by clicking here or any of the red flashes in the post. As always once on the download page the automatic virus scanners will kick in to show you the file is clean and safe for use and then you can download your rom.

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Once you have downloaded the file keep it in a location you will be able to remember as you will need to navigate to the rom from within the emulator. To play Pokemon Crystal double click your emulator file to open it, it will take a few seconds to load. Once loaded click on the load button in the middle of the screen and navigate to the Pokemon crystal rom download file location and double click it. The emulator will open it and you will be able to play within seconds.

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For anyone unfamiliar with the Pokemon Crystal game here is a little information about it. The game was released in Japan in 2000 with world wide release following in 2001. It is the seventh release from the main Pokemon game series (sixth worldwide as Pokemon Green was released in Japan only). It is the Third game from the second generation of Pokemon after Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Silver.

crystal rom downloadPokemon Crystal was the first main series game to feature animated
Pokemon along with a unique storyline revolving around Suicune, it is also the first Pokemon game ever to have a Female playable character (Kris). It was the only Pokemon game to be an exclusive Gameboy Colour release.

Unlike Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Silver the mail legendary beast in the game, Suicune can be found in various locations all around the main location of Johto. The other two main legendary Pokemon are Lugia and Ho-Oh still roam around Johto as in Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Silver.

Click here to get the Pokemon Crystal Rom!

The protagonist of the game is Eusine, and he is a pseudo rival to the pokemon crystal romplayer fighting for the respect of Suicune. Through out the game Eusine will fight the player in an attempt to gain favour and respect with Suicune.

The game is based around the lands of both Johto and Kanto with the player being able to fight and beat all sixteen of the gym leaders, eight from both lands along with the elite four along with their champion.