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GBA Pokemon Emerald Cool RomThis time we are releasing our GBA Pokemon Emerald Cool Rom to you guys. You can download it by clicking here or any of the Red text flashes in this post.

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As usual just click the download button on the download page and your download will begin. The zip file contains both the gba pokemon emerald rom along with our Game Boy Advanced emulator. Once the download is complete simply unzip the file and double click the emulator. It will take a few seconds to boot up and its ready screen to show. Next click on the load button and navigate to the location of pokemon emerald gameboy advance rom and double click, within seconds the rom will load and you will be able to play your game.

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For anyone who is unfamiliar with the game here is a little background on pokemon emerald gba rom. Pokemon Emerald was initially released for the Game Boy Advanced in Japan in 2004 with worldwide release following in throughout 2005. As with most Pokemon games the player plays as a Pokemon trainer who’s goal it is to beat the Eight gym trainers found within the Hoenn region of the Pokemon universe and then challenge the Elite four and their champion.

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The game features Pokemon from Pokemon Ruby, Pokemon Sapphire, Pokemon Gold as well as Pokemon SIlver. The plot of the game is largely the same as both Ruby and Sapphire but it also incorporates the story of the Pokemon Rayquaza into the game. Our pokemon emerald gba rom download also features the after credit sub game commonly known as Battle Frontier, essentially a battle tournament that the player can take place in once the game credits have rolled.

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Players initially choose between either a male or female player and then choose one of three initial pokemon before setting to attempt to get the data for every Pokemon on their Pokedex. Throughout the game you will also face Team Aqua and Team Magma who plan to summon the legendary Pokemon Kyogre or Groudon. In the late game both legendary Pokemon are summoned and begin to fight each other resulting in the world of Hoenn going through periods of extreme drought and flooding. To counter this the player must summon the legendary Pokemon Rayquaza who has the ability to calm both Kyogre and Groudon bringing Hoenn back to normality.

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OurGBA Pokemon Emerald Cool Rom download also features the bonus of Latias and Latios, the Legendary flying Pokemon who can be found in the land of Hoenn once the elite four have been defeated.

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Pokemon Emerald sold over 370,000 copies in its first day and over 791,000 in its first week in Japan alone making it another hugely successful release within the already hugely popular Pokemon franchise. it has an average score of 76%  on meteoritic placing it in the higher end of the spectrum when compared to all other Pokemon so we hope you enjoy this GBA Pokemon Emerald Cool Rom download!