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This fan designed version of the Pokemon game, the Pokemon Uranium ROM, was created with vibrant retro style graphics, with the storyline circling around the characters of Vitor and Natalie. Each of these two characters need to collect six Gym badges on their way towards competing in the Regional Tournament. 

The game story is made up of 11 hours of gameplay, played throughout nine towns, with six side quests. The story revolves around the region of West Tandoor, where there is a man-made disaster that is wreaking havoc on the natural ecosystem. Corrupted Pokemon are also threatening to contribute to this destruction.

The region of Tandoor is divided into two areas, East and West. The Western region is the continental area, where five of the Gyms are located. The Regional Tournament also happens in the West Tandoor region. East Tandoor contains the remaining three Gyms, and is an archipelago of medium and small islands.

Over a hundred different species of Pokemon call the region of Tandoor their home. To qualify for gym challenges in the Tandoor region, each trainer needs to first collect eight badges from throughout the region. Then, players are able to move onto the Tournament. If you are able to win the Regional Tournament, you will receive a large monetary award and you’ll receive worldwide recognition.

The character role you take on in the Pokemon Uranium ROM game is that of a 13 year old child from Moki Town. Your character did not originally plan to become a Pokemon Master, but the circumstances of your life have led you to go down this path. Ten years ago, your mom died in a terrible accident at the nuclear power plant. Your father is a great Pokemon Ranger, but after the accident with your mother happened, he left to travel the region, and put you into the care of your aunt. It’s been 10 years since then, and your aunt is having a difficult time supporting you. Now that you are grown up, you have turned to Pokemon training in order to support yourself.

pokemon uranium rom

The regional expert on Pokemon, Professor Bamb’o, is searching for an assistant trainer to collect different Pokemon throughout the region. The available starter Pokemon are given to you by Professor Bamb’o in the Pokemon Uranium ROM game. You can choose between three starter Pokemon, Orchynx, Raptorch and Eletux. You and your rival, Theo, both take on the challenge put forth by Professor Bamb’o. First you take your test and get your starter Pokemon before heading towards Nowtoch City to attempt to receive your first Gym badge.

As you move through the Pokemon Uranium ROM game, new information begins to surface about the accident that happened with your mother at the nuclear power plant so long ago. Strange things and mysteries start appearing and your father starts acting weird. Questions about whether or not your mother is actually dead start to arise. And, on top of this, there seems that a greater disaster may be impending over the Tandoor Region. Things are not always as they seem in this version of the Pokemon game.