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For any of our readers unfamiliar with Pokemon Brown here is a little information for you about the game. Based on the Pokemon Red game, this classic game, Pokemon Brown ROM, was first created in 2004 by Koolboyman. An updated version was released in 2009, with some updates and changes made. And, the final version of this Pokemon hack was released in 2014. The storyline for this edition takes place south of Johto, in the region of Rijon.

The original version of the game released in 2004 started out with 151 Pokemon, the same line up of Pokemon from the Kanto Pokedex. When the game was revised in 2009, the Pokedex grew to include a total of 224 Pokemon. With the newest version released in 2014, Sylveon was added to the expanded line up of Pokemon. The latest edition of Pokemon Brown ROM also includes five new Elemental Types.

This game begins in the same way that Pokemon Red does, starting off the journey inside of your house. But, the moment you step foot outside of your house, it is easy to see that this is a totally different game. It is a fresh new version of the Pokemon Red game, using the same sprites as in the Red version, but with a completely different game layout and storyline used.

You are able to choose from three different starter Pokemon to begin the game, Bulbasaur, Charmander or Squirtle, which are the same starters available to you in Pokemon Red. Walking into the first cave of the game, you’ll find yourself overwhelmed by Zubats. They don’t, however, know any of the moves that confuse you, which is lucky for you. You’ll get some good training in the cave and your starter Pokemon will have the chance to evolve before you’re done in the cave.

As soon as you arrive at the next city in your journey, you’ll run into a Gym. You’ll also notice that the music and graphics from this game mirror the Pokemon Red edition. New to this version of the game are some new types, including the gas type, which, you’ll see, takes the place of the poison type. The Pokemon Brown ROM is definitely a more challenging game than previous Pokemon game editions, especially the closer you get towards the end of the game.

In terms of the gameplay, this edition uses the classic Pokemon storyline, with even more elements added. The sound heard throughout the game is adapted from classic the Pokemon Red version, using its original sound with some additions made. Graphics for this version are also centered around those used in the Gameboy game.

Overall, the Pokemon Brown ROM is an outstanding version of the game, adapted to include a number of classic elements from the Pokemon Red game. Although it does replicate the Red version of the game in a number of ways, there are some great differences that set this game apart. Fans of the classic Pokemon Red ROM will thoroughly enjoy this revised and updated edition of the game.

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