Pokemon Trading Card Game Rom Download

pokemon trading card game rom

Today it is the Pokemon Trading Card Game that we have cracked and have a working Rom ready for our readers. You can download it via the download button below.

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Here is a little info about the game for any of our readers who maybe unfamiliar with it or need a quick refresh. Based on the Pokemon role playing video game series, the Pokemon Trading Card Game ROM is a video game that has been adapted from the original trading card game. Originally released in Japan back in 1998, this game was published by Nintendo, who later released an English version in North America two years after the original was released. This version of the Pokemon game is filled with trading cards, in digital form, from the original three sets of cards first released in 1998 and 1999. It also features a series of digital cards exclusive only to this version of the game.

Originally, the Pokemon Trading Card Game ROM was not designed as a video game, but rather as a tabletop card and role playing game. It was later adapted into a digital version, with the same gameplay elements and goals as the handheld card game. In the game, you will take on the character of a young boy whose mission is to travel through the game challenging others to card battles. Your aim is to battle and conquer the eight Club Masters, using the various decks of cards that represent the different element cards of the game. 

When you have completed this mission, you are then able to battle against four Grand Masters, earning you a Legendary Card for each one you defeat. Within the game, there are a grand total of 226 cards, including the first three sets that are adapted from the original printed card decks for the tabletop version.

To begin the Pokemon Trading Card Game ROM, you will first choose one of the three starter decks. Each of the three card decks are filled with Pokemon cards that feature one of the three Pokemon Red and Blue starting creatures. Additional cards, in the form of booster packs, are given out to players as you defeat each opponent.

On Game Boy Color, two players are able to battle and trade Pokemon cards, giving them access to Card Pop, which is a special feature that lets each player have access to exclusive cards that aren’t available in the main game. In Nintendo’s 3DS version of the game, this special feature was removed.

The cards featured in the Pokemon Trading Card Game ROM mirror the original tabletop decks of cards, with the exception of two cards, which are omitted from the Game Boy Color edition of the game. The Electrode and Ditto cards were both left out, because the card effects from the tabletop game were too difficult to replicate into the video game version. These cards were instead replaced by new cards exclusive to the game.

pokemon trading card game rom download

You will truly enjoy having the ability to play this digital version of the original tabletop card game, which almost directly mirrors the printed version. With the exception of a few small differences, the video game version gives you the same gameplay experience as the originally created decks of cards. Collect cards, challenge and battle to defeat your rivals, just as you do in the tabletop edition of this Pokemon game.