pokemon ash gray

Pokemon – Ash Gray [Download]

File NamePokemon Ash Gray
File Size5.5mb
ROM HackFire Red
Download Ash Gray


– Play as Ash Ketchum

Have the opportunity to catch all of the Pokémon Ash does

 Follows the same events as in the Anime Series and be rewarded with special events/items for carrying Ash’s team

Brand New Tiles

 Brand New Sprites

Brand New Maps

Brand New Tools replace some of the HMs

Computer Teleport System replaces HM02 Fly

HM01 Cut is replaced with A Hatchet

HM03 is replaced with a raft

HM06(Rock Smash) is replaced with a Pickaxe

Climb Kit replaced Rock Climb

You can cross whirlpools with Whirlpuller

Pokemon Ash Gray Screen Shots