Pokemon Gba games to download for your Android Devices.

gba pokemon games for android

There’s a lot of Pokemon games here at allpokemonroms needless to say everybody has their own personal favorites. But there are a few of them I can tell you that a lot of people seem to like. The Pokemon Emerald game, Pokemon Fire Red, and Pokemon Crystal version are some of the top downloads, and what’s crazy is that these games are over 15 years old! Some of the newer Pokemon games are still being played alot, but for the older gens to still hold up to the newer gens is just cool. That’s a testament to this franchise and its fans.

Let’s get to why these games are standing the test of time.

Pokemon Emerald – Debuted in 2005 along with Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Sapphire. Pokemon Emerald’s features aren’t anything to get excited for. In fact a lot of critics had issues with it not standing out from the Ruby and Sapphire games. Needsless to say it still received 8/10 on IGN’s list.

Pokemon Crystal – Released in 2001 prolonging the Pokemon Silver and Gold titles. Pokemon crystal was a hit. A cool thing to note is the Japanese version was packaged with more features than other countries like USA, Germany, Spain.But just like in Pokemon Emerald, Pokemon Crystal didn’t separate it’self from much from Silver and Gold . However with features like playing as a girl and adding Kanto to the map was enough to give it a 9/10.

Pokemon Fire Red – Came out in 2004 as a remake to the original Pokemon Red game. Both Fire Red and Leaf Green were huge hits. Selling over 800 thousand copies in Japan alone! The story lines in both games are essentially the same as Pokemon Red and Pokemon Green. However a lot of new additions were introduced such as re-battling the Elite 4, and the Pokemon champ, re-battling the trainers you come across during your adventure, and a new southern region known as the “Sevii Islands”. With all of this Nintendo Power gave it an impressive 4.5/5 stars.

Each of these 3 games have their own strong points and weaknesses, but these are the top Pokemon ROMs for the Game-boy advance. Instead of choosing just 1 why not play all of them?

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