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Pokemon – Dark Rising [Download]

File NamePokemon DarkRising
File Size6.27mb
ROM HackFire Red
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386+ Pokemon from the Johto, Kanto, Sinnoh, Hoenn, and Unova Regions.

8 total badges in all. Every Gym leader has their own signature Pokemon that you can’t catch in the game.

Original Trainers & characters as well as some fan favs such as Misty/Ash/Brock

Special appearence from Yami Yugi out of the Yugioh franchise appearing as 1 of the gym leaders.
New gen Moves.

Egg Moves from gens 3 to 5 can be learned from leveling up instead of breeding. Dr Roy & Nurse Joy are inside of every Poke center. Dr Roy heals your Pokemon, Nurse Joy stands beside Dr Roy & challenges you to a double battle. This helps with gaining experience points.

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