pokemon life

Pokemon – Life [Download]

File NamePokemon Life
CreatorDionen, Danny0317, Tcoppy
File Size5.55mb
ROM HackFire Red
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A completly new region, as well as your homeland “Nendios”. Ohana Farm is where you were raised.

Graphics have been enhanced along with the new environments.

Blue Crystals are your save points. No more saving the game at any time.

No spawning at the Poke Center anymore. If you faint it’s game over, so you better save your game religiously!

150+ handpicked Pokemon to catch from every generation.

Pokemon sprites are animated. Pokemon have 2 animation frames similar to HG/SS.

Time based events – gastly appears at night. budew appears in morning. Moves|abilities are updated.

Pokemon Black/White soundtracks.

Higher chance of catching Shiny Pokemon.

Pokemon Life Screen Shots