pokemon ds rom hacks

List Of Pokemon NDS ROM Hacks

You’re in the right place if you’re looking for Pokemon DS Rom Hacks. Although quite limited in contrast to Pokemon Gba ROM Hacks. Creators new and old are starting to delve into the NDS to create awesome hacks.

But as awesome as that may sound for Pokemon fans looking for these ds rom hacks, for creators it’s quite the opposite. Not that it’s not fun and challenging to them the ds is just a bit more complicated to emulate. There’s a ton of NDS emulators out there, and you can certainly choose the one you want to use by clicking here

How to Play These Pokemon Nintendo ROM Hacks

First things first if you’ve played any type of ROM before than there’s really nothing new. However resolving the ROM hack to your Pokemon NDS based game as well as the emulator are a little bit different. If you’re using a Windows Computer you should go with the DeSmuME emulator, Mac OS users try, iOS there’s, and for Android check out the.

Once you have your emulator and Pokemon NDS game of choice. Load up the emulator, and find the ROM you’ve downloaded then WOILA! You’re now ready to dominate the Pokeworld!
Just as the Pokemon community created hundreds of GBA ROM hacks you can bet one thing. Pokemon hackers will continue their journey towards hacking the NDS to create amazing Pokemon DS rom hacks.