pokemon perfect heart

Pokemon – Perfect Heart [Download]

File NamePokemon Perfect Heart
File Size1mb
ROM HackHeart Gold
Download Pokemon Perfect Heart


  • Difficulty has been increased.
  • About 493 Pokemon are available
  • Able to patch no matter the OS. AP patch is included. No pre patching neccessary.
  • 2 Wondercard events – Eared Pichu/Celebi and Spiky
  • Pokemon that evolve while trading can now evolve a different way.
  • Level 40 pokemon evolve when trading like normal.
  • Item trades will evolve when leveling up, but must be holding the item during daytime.
  • Glaceon will evolve if its holding Snow Mail.
  • Leafeon will evolve if its holding Grass Mail.
  • Magneton will evolve if its holding Steel Mail.
  • Nosepass will evolve if its holding Tunnel Mail.

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